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Whether you are a well-established photographer or an aspiring one, we want you to be a part of the American Photography Association. We would love for you to join as a Member, to participate in our U.S. and International Photo Festivals and Events or even to become a mentor.

There are also a number of Partner-related and sponsored events that can benefit you both as a photographer or as someone who appreciates photography.

Most of all, we want the world and your future fans and customers to discover you and your photographs.

Join us.


  • Become a Member.
  • Submit photos for review and potential publication & awards.
  • Participate in a Photo Festival or other photography events.
  • Coming soon...sell your photos here.

Refer a Friend

  • Help us get the word out...Tell your friends and family about your work displayed here. Invite them to become Members. Free Memberships are available.
  • Nominate a student, deserving photographer or photojournalist for a Membership at no cost to them.
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Copyright © 2014 American Photography Association