Nominate a Photographer, Photojournalist, Student or Faculty Member for Membership or recognition

We know some really good photographers & photojournalists. We're sure you know some really good ones too.

Tell them about the American Photography Association or consider nominating them for a Membership. We're positive they would appreciate the compliment. 

We review all nominations received and in many cases, we offer Memberships including Student, General, Associate and Premium ones at no cost based on quality of the individual's work. (Educator Memberships are free as a thank you to our great teachers of photography and photojournalism.)

If there's a photographer or photojournalist you would like to nominate, a photography student or someone who should be recognized for their photography, please complete the form below and we will follow up with the person you nominate.

For more information, if necessary, please email us at or call us at 877.627.2360.

Thank you for your support and assistance in advance. Your nominee(s) thank you as well. :)